# The CLI

The CLI is really not very "describable", as it is mostly assembled by yourself. It has a few standalone flags, namely:

  • -f, --file: Specifies the configuration file (in the TOML language) to pass to zum. Defaults to zum.toml.
  • -v, --version: Returns the version of the zum CLI. Should look like this: zum version <version>.
  • -h, --help: Returns a generic help message. Notice that if zum finds a valid config file, this command will also show a list of all the possible actions to execute (each action corresponding to an endpoint's name, defined on the header of the endpoint with the [endpoints.{endpoint-name}] statement).

Other than those flags, the CLI is pretty straightforward to run. The "generic" version would look like this:

zum <endpoint> <[params]> <[headers]> <[body]>

Notice that all three params, headers and body are optional, so if they are not defined on the endpoint, you won't have to pass anything and can ignore it.